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Unlock a new level of supply chain visibility and market insights to boost profits and discover the true reach of your brand across your retail channel.

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Accurate ROI Analysis

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Easily analyze your return on investment from marketing and sales efforts to gain market share.

Sales Proactivity

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Equip your sales team with a deeper visibility into the current needs of your specialty retailers, saving both parties time and money.

Enhance retailer partnerships and assess your brand's true impact on the industry.

Inventory Visibility

Access visibility into the daily product movement at the ground level for even the smallest specialty retailer.

Market Share 

Discover your brand’s market share over time relative to your top competitors and understand the true success of product launches and marketing campaigns.

Category Growth

Learn your industry’s YoY growth for specific product categories and their top-selling brands to identify strengths and weaknesses within your sales efforts.

Seasonality Trends

Receive monthly reports that reveal historical and up-to-date revenue trends for each major category in your industry and more accurately predict the timing demand for your products.

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