Frequently Asked Questions

How much does TrackFly cost?


Retailers - It is FREE for retailers to sign up for a TrackFly account. There are two account tiers available. Tier 1 offers a powerful Retailer Dashboard that delivers automated reports and enables retailers to spend less time worrying about inventory and more time talking with customers. Tier 2 has an annual subscription and offers market reports that empower retailers to discover and optimize revenue opportunities based on industry trends. Special perks and discounts are available at the Tier 2 account level for members of trade associations partnered with TrackFly. Click here learn more.

Brands - Brands that sell into the specialty channel can subscribe to TrackFly's Market Insights, which delivers monthly industry reports based on anonymized data from the retail sector. Subscription pricing is organized by product categories sold in a particular industry. To learn more about pricing for specific categories in your industry, contact us here. Brands can also connect with their partner retailers on the TrackFly Platform through our Sales Insights product that enables retailers on TrackFly to grant filtered visibility access into current sell-through data ONLY for products sold by a connected brand. To understand pricing and how this works, reach out to a TrackFly team member here.

What is the value I get from signing up?


Retailers and Brands on the TrackFly Platform save hours making business decisions by accessing key market insights that empower both parties to have more productive collaboration with each other. Brands and retailers can also save even more time in communications back and forth by connecting together onto the TrackFly Platform to unlock Sales Insights. This tool allows retailers to grant a filtered view of their Retailer Dashboard to a connected partner brand. This filtered visibility ONLY shows a connected brand the current sell-through data for products they sell at a retail location and can only be accessed with the direct consent of the retailer. To start unlocking these tools, just sign up for your FREE TrackFly account, which takes less than 5 min. Click here to get started.

How does TrackFly produce market insights?


TrackFly’s platform securely connects contributed brand catalog information with retailer point of sale systems. This method produces clean and reportable information used to create anonymized industry reports that the entire community can leverage to discover broader market trends in their industry. To understand more about how this is securely accomplished reach out to a TrackFly team member by clicking here.

How long does it take to set up?


For retailers on average it takes less than 5 minutes to set up their free TrackFly account and securely integrate their POS system. After the integration is complete you don’t have to do anything but sit back and wait for our team to build out your TrackFly Retailer Dashboard which typically takes 1-2 weeks to deliver. To easily set up your account, sign up here.

Brands can also very quickly sign up for their account, and start inviting their partner retailers to connect on the TrackFly Platform to unlock Sales Insights. Click here to start connecting.

What POS data does TrackFly securely store?


TrackFly's platform ONLY holds product sell-through data relevant to the industry reports which are delivered back to participating members. This includes what products sold at a shop, the location of product sales, product prices, the date of the product sales, brands carried at a shop location, and current product inventory. We do NOT collect any personal data about a shop’s customers. Want to learn more? Contact us here.

What support does TrackFly offer?


TrackFly has a fully staffed support team available to answer your questions. We offer retailers a complimentary 1:1 training session once we deliver their FREE TrackFly Retailer Dashboard. Honestly, it’s so user-friendly you probably won’t need the training session, but it is available.

Brands who subscribe to Market Insights are offered an initial consulting session upon receiving their first monthly report. If your business is on the platform you can schedule your complimentary 1:1 or consulting session by clicking here.

How involved is TrackFly in my day to day?


Hardly at all. We understand how busy you are as a business owner. That is why we’ve made our products so easy to use that you won’t really need us involved in your day-to-day. TrackFly’s platform is meant to be a support tool, not a hindrance on your business. If you do need any assistance with your TrackFly account you can reach out to our support team here.

As a retailer how can I get my FREE Retailer Dashboard?


Super easy and fast. Just click here and sign up in less than 5 min. We will follow up in about 1-2 weeks to let you know when your TrackFly Retailer Dashboard is ready.

If you have any further questions you do not see listed, you can reach out to a TrackFly Team member below.
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